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Here Comes the Sun Queen

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Name:Kazami Yuuka

Occupation(s): Flower Youkai, Wide-Awake Nightmare
Bio: Yuuka is an old and powerful youkai. Though her sphere of influence--flowers--might make her seem rather harmless, she's basically a force of nature in humanoid form. As such, she thinks little of individual mortal lives, and is said to eliminate without hesitation those who disturb her peace and quiet. On the other hand, she doesn't derive any particular pleasure from picking on the weak, so it's easy to avoid her wrath by simply not bugging her. She tends to come off as rather cheerful and polite most of the time, though her everpresent smile sometimes seems a bit too cheerful to be sincere. It is, after all, only a thin veneer over her true self.

Like most old youkai, Yuuka isn't hugely active, though a sufficiently interesting incident or person can arouse her interest. She likes strong people, be they mortal or youkai, and likes teasing them even better. She's given to lying if it seems more amusing than telling the truth; during an incident in which the land of Gensokyo was being blanketed by out-of-season flowers, she briefly took credit, even though she had nothing to do with it.

(played by [personal profile] broletariat)
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